Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 9: Andy M. vs. The Corporate Giant (Mr. Jim's vs. Pizza Delight)

Happy New Year to all the blog followers out there! A new year, a new pizza bracket round, and a new ballot format! We've done away with the criteria ranking and simplified things such that the only selection is either pizza A or pizza B. And really, that's what it all boils down to.

Today, being the first day back after Christmas (and pizza bracket) break people seemed a little reluctant to jump right back on the pizza bracket band wagon. Some of you may wonder why we'd even consider having a pizza bracket competition on a Monday. Well, upon deciding the scheduling of the pizza bracket it was decided that the winner of the pizza bracket would be chosen as the honorary Super Bowl pizza. In order to have the winner of the pizza bracket chosen prior to the Super Bowl it was necessary to have two weeks with two competitions. Thus, this week and next week will be double bracket weeks. Got it? In any case, the thought of having pizza right after a week of indulging in sweets and copious amounts of turkey did not sit well. As it approached the typical cutoff time for ordering pizzas I asked the usual suspects if we were going to do the pizza bracket today. I approached Howard first since he sits in the cube next to me. He didn't express much enthusiasm regarding having pizza for lunch, at least not compared to the excitement he displayed when he showed me his new binary watch ("That's Howard"). Even Sam was a little uncertain, as was I. The decision was made when the returning work term student Nick was ask if he was in for pizza. His response, "I can't see why not", made the decision for the rest of us pretty easy as who can argue with that logic. Besides, most of us were without lunch.

Within minutes of Nick's response I was on the phone with Pizza Delight ordering up their 2 large pizzas and a garlic fingers special. At under $43 taxes and delivery in this isn't such a bad deal for a corporate pizza. Upon asking Wally if he wanted a side order as per usual he refused, expressing disgust for the offerings in the past (typically which included a chicken sandwich and Caesar salad). I found this funny so I thought I'd mention it. After ordering a couple large pizzas from Jim's (turning down the offer of a jumbo pizza) we were well on our way to round 2 of the pizza bracket.

Both pizzas arrived within minutes of each other at around noon and were relatively hot out of the box (considering delivery time, picture time, and set up time). Judges this week included: Howard, Sam, Chuck, guest judge Heather, Nick, Alex, Mark, Josh, Mutema, and myself. It should be noted the once the decision to have a pizza bracket competition today Chuck called Heather to revise their lunch plans to be part of the pizza bracket. That's dedication.

The first comments heard regarding the quality of the pizza came from Mutema who expressed dislike for both pizzas. This coming from the same guy who didn't expect a "Danny Williams pizza" carried a lot of weight. I, myself, enjoyed both pizzas for the most part. Other comments around the table seemed to indicate an appreciation for the fresher veggies on the Jim's pizza, dislike for the Jim's crust, a notably sweeter sauce on the Pizza Delight, and real bacon on the Jim's vs. "facon" on the Pizza D. The outcome wasn't a big surprise. Pizza Delight was victorious with a definitive 7-3 win. I hate to admit it, but I, being a long time Jim's customer, voted for Pizza D. I gotta say the sweet sauce really did it for me today. One thing I will say is that Pizza Delight was probably at it's best today. I don't find it very appealing when it's cold (a la buffet), but when it's just out of the oven it's decent. Maybe I'm getting tired of Jim's pizza. I did stray away for a couple years choosing it's district (and building lot) competitor Domino's. I have gone back to Jim's of late and I will say that when it comes to ordering pizza at home I would likely go there first. Today though Pizza Delight stole the show. No hard feelings Andy.

I'd like to add that Alfred has been chosen as the official Pizza Oracle. With his vivid reflections and detailed knowledge of the history of pizza in the city the decision to bestow this prestigious position to him was a no-brainer. It had pretty much been assumed up until this point. I just figured it was time to make it legitimate. From now on I will only refer to him as the Oracle.

That is all.

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