Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 10.5: Old Italy (Old Town vs. Venice Pizza)

Old Town Mount Pearl/Venice

Old Town East End

Two pizza brackets in a week combined with a busy work schedule has resulted in a slip of me updating the blog. In fact, as I hurry to write this blog update I await the delivery of pizzas for today's competition. But for now let's step back in time to last Friday to the battle of Old Italy...

If you recall from the first round competition of Old Town vs. Stogger's in the East End district the Portugal Cove Road Old town would not deliver, while Stogger's would. In talking to the lady working at the Portugal Cove Road Old Town location I begged and pleaded, to no avail, for her to have the pizzas delivered at any cost. The reasoning was that there was a Mount Pearl location and we're in that district, hence that's where we get our Old Town. I reluctantly accepted this response, but asked for a guarantee that the pizza from the Mount Pearl location would be the same. Her response was that it was in fact the same pizza. The trusting tone in her voice led me to believe this was true, but today we would challenge her word...

It was decided that not only would we order pizza from Venice and the Mount Pearl Old Town location, we would also order a pizza from the Portugal Cove Road Old Town location so we could decide if in fact both Old Town pizzas we the same. I had made a request for pizza runners and in no time I had Alex and Heather offering to made a run. It was decided to order three jumbos to level the playing field. I ordered Venice first without any issue. Next I ordered from the east end Old Town. I found out that they had just received an order for 25 jumbos and there would be a slight delay in when the pizza would be ready. Nothing we could do so I proceeded with the order and moved on. I ordered the Mount Pearl Old Town next and had that delivered. From here it was a waiting game.

Alex returned first with the Venice, followed by Mount Pearl Old Town. After waiting a few minutes for Heather to arrive with the east end Old Town hunger outweighed patience and we started in on the pizzas in front of us. Heather arrived seconds later with the east end Old Town and the true competition could begin. First it was decided that we determine if the two Old Town pizzas were indeed comparable. The results were quite surprising. Put to a vote it was decided that Mount Pearl Old Town was the better with a result of 5-4. The appearance was similar, but the crust was a little doughy/uncooked on the east end pizza (probably due to the rush caused by the big 25 jumbo order, nonetheless still not acceptable). Also there seemed to be a difference in the flavor of the pizza with people commenting that the sauce was different. Some judges even went to say that both pizzas were completely different.

Once it was decided that the Mount Pearl Old Town was the better Old Town we then put forth the question of which pizza between Venice and Mount Pearl Old Town was better? Most people seemed to comment that the Venice was tastier overall, though my reaction was that it was due to the absurd amount of grease on the pizza. Of course, grease and fat make everything taste better. In any case Venice won the competition 5-4. It makes you wonder though if we had gone with the east end Old Town in the first round would it have made it through to the second round. Like many other speculations had during the course of this pizza bracket, we'll never know!

Judges for this week included: Mutema, Josh, Howard, Chuck, Mark, Sam, Nicklovin', Alex and myself. Special thanks to the pizza runners Alex and Heather.

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