Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 11.5: Semi-Final Round 1 (Pizza Delight vs. Peter's Pizza)

In sports and other multi-round tournament competitions the first semi-final round is typically associated with the onset of excitement and anxiousness as the inferior competitors have been eliminated and only the best of the best remain. With respect to this pizza bracket that was not the case. Today's competition is the second this week and will be the fourth time in two week's we've had pizza. It was quite difficult to hype up today's competition as to put it blatantly we're starting to get sick of pizza. The bracket has now become an obligation as we've come this far and eaten so much pizza that to stop now would be devastating. Combine that with the fact that Peter's has become a favorite and the general consensus is that Pizza Delight's days are numbered there was a lack of excitement for today's outcome. Judges for today included Mutema, Josh, Howard, Sam, Chuck, Alex, Nick, Mark, and myself. Two large pizza's with the usual toppings were ordered from each location, with the addition of a medium garlic fingers from Pizza Delight being ordered as part of the special. As expected Peter's won with a commanding 8-1 victory with only a single vote representing the sweet sauce of Pizza Delight. There was some speculation as to who placed this sweet sauce vote, but the name of this individual will be protected as part of the (unwritten) Gimongous Avalon Pizza Bracket rules and guidelines. Without Peter's Pal's being on hand to swing the vote Peter's still managed to follow through with the assumed outcome. Peter's is participant one of the finals!

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