Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 12: Semi-Final 2 (Venice Pizzeria vs. Boston Pizza)

After a week long break from pizza there was renewed interest in the second semi-final round. The end was drawing near and excitement was brewing as this pizza bracket of gimongous measures was soon coming to an end. Also, there was quite some interest in the outcome of today's competition between the local veterans Venice Pizzeria and the corporate giant Boston Pizza. Many wondered if this would be the demise of the baconator. Judges today included Mark, Josh, Howard, Chuck, Nicklovin', Alex, Mutema, and myself. I made the run to get Venice while Heather offered to pick up Boston Pizza. When I returned I found the judges eagerly awaiting. Both pizzas were quite different. Boston Pizza had as per usual a brilliant green pepper array on top concealing the thick bacon layer beneath. One thing I have to comment on about Boston Pizza is their consistency. Every time we've had it it pretty much looked exactly the same and I am always surprised at just how much bacon is on it. Venice, while not as consistent, did bring it's A game today. Normally the crust is a little soggy/greasy, but today it was acceptable. It's a good thing, because competing with copious amounts of bacon isn't an easy task. When the crumbs settles Venice won 7-3, much to the surprise of bacon enthusiasts Mutema and Wally. Wally was heard to say that he does not believe in a final that is without the baconator. The demise of the baconator proves that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

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