Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 10: Challenge without a Name (Peter's Pizza vs. Big Cheese)

After mulling over a few combination's of the words "Big", "Peter", and "Cheese" it was decided that it was probably best to do without a name for today's competition. Today's competition was initially slated to happen this past Friday, but was usurped by Free-lunch Friday. What an emotional roller coaster ride that was! In any event with hockey yesterday and the requirement to have pizza two times this week it was decided today was the day. There was much anticipation for this match up, stemming from last week. Newfoundland Jesus "appeared" as a guest judge for this event. Anticipating this I only ordered a single small pizza, figuring NJ would work some miracles. Ah religious humor...but I digress. A single jumbo pizza was ordered from Peter's Pizza, while two jumbo pizzas were ordered from Big Cheese. Yes this was controversial. And yes it was expected that Big Cheese would be the better pizza (keeping in mind it knocked out the Hut in the first round). A pleasant surprise in ordering the jumbo Peter's Pizza is the box is nice and colorful with a cartoon-like Peter head on the box. Quite the novelty. Big cheese of course had a blank box. It should be noted that the cost of two Big Cheese jumbos was pretty much the same price as a single jumbo from Peter's. This was attributed to the box tax. That fancy box could not have been free!

Judges today included: Sam, Howard, Chuck, Mark, Alex, Nicklovin', Josh, myself, Heidi, and Newfoundland Jesus. There wasn't as much discussion this week regarding pizza quality. The distinct difference between the two seemed to be Peter's being saltier, while the Big Cheese tasted much like the cardboard box it came in would taste like. I didn't agree with this sentiment, but I like to provide commentary from both sides. Heidi and NJ both agreed that the Big Cheese received today was A LOT better than the Big Cheese they had during the course of this past weekend. Heidi even went so far as to text me during the weekend questioning how Big Cheese managed to beat the Hut. I did not have an answer, other than maybe the stars aligned that day for the Big Cheese. Other discussion included the inconsistency in the Big Cheese crust, with some parts being doughier than others. But let's keep in mind here that it's an $11 jumbo. Oh, one more thing worth mentioning is that it seems Big Cheese uses yellow pepper if there is not enough green pepper to go around. This seemed a little odd. I didn't order yellow pepper and I'm pretty certain I specified green. In any case there was hardly any distinction in flavor as overall there was none.

It was a hard pill to swallow, albeit not as a hard to swallow as big bite pizza without a drink, but tough nonetheless, when Big Cheese lost to Peter's 8-2. I did contribute one of those two votes, mainly to counteract one of the Peter's Pizza Pal votes since they came with the intention of voting for Peter's. Also, I like the underdog Big Cheese and thought maybe this unknown legend would make it to the top. But alas, it was not to be. What I did get from Big Cheese's run at the title is a late night alternative if Mr. Jim's is closed. Also, if I'm ordering for a bunch of drunk people and I'm on a budget I know where to go.

p.s. Some of you may have suggestions for blog content, just as Newfoundland Jesus expressed today. To that I say piss off and write your own blog ;P

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