Friday, October 30, 2009

First day of The Avalon Gimongous Pizza Bracket

Today we pitted Chilly Willy's pizza against Mr. Jim's. Two large pizzas were ordered with cheese pepperoni, bacon, green pepper, and mushroom. With taxes included, Chilly Willy's came to a total of $25 while Jim's came to $26. Jim's did have a more personal delivery with the deliverer presenting the pizza to us. Upon telling him his pizza was going against Chilly Willy's pizza he commented, "It's all about the taste". Delivery times were comparable. Chilly's was about 5 minutes early, while Jim's was right on time.

Judges for today included: Sam, Heather, Chuck, Howard, Stephen, Josh and Myself. Although there was some controversy surrounding Howard's vote. The Jim's pizza won today's bout with a tally of 6 votes to 1. I think today was a successful kick off to this event. I hope everyone is ready to gorge themselves on pizza in the coming weeks. We'll certainly have something to talk about at the Super Bowl party. Speaking of which, eventually we'll have to determine where this event will be held.

In any case, that's about all to say for me today. Actually, yeah that's it.

Signing off,