Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 2 Pizza match-up

We continued The Gimongous Avalon Pizza Bracket this week with yet another blank-box bout. Peter's Pizza (picture far) vs. Topsail Road (picture near) pizza. We had more interest this week, compared to last week, probably due to early notice of the event. Judges this week included: Heather, Sam, Josh, Mark, Stephen, Howard, Chuck, and myself. We also had Mutema available as a tie-breaker if necessary. As it turned out we did not need an extra vote as the clear victor was Peter's Pizza with a 5-3 win. Peter's Pizza was here on time and there was a wait for the Topsail Rd. Pizza. As it turns out the delivery drivers car had the alternator die en route and had to get a back up vehicle for the delivery. So the lateness was excused, although there was some anxious people waiting to eat. There was some discussion of implementing a 15 minute cut-off where eating will commence if one pizza has arrived and the other has not arrived within 15 minutes of the expected delivery time. this is still up for debate though.

Discussions throughout the judging process included much debate over which pizza was "blander". Chuck was heard to comment that, while Peter's Pizza was deficient in topping quantity and crust, looked a little over cook, and was generally greasier, the sum of it's pieces came together to create a superior pizza. The Topsail Road pizza did have a healthy quantity of cheese and toppings as well as a thicker crust, but there was some topping/crust separation that in some cases required and claw-like grip of pizza to control toppings. Mutema, who was acting as a swing voter if necessary, was heard to comment that, being a resident of the west end, Topsail Road pizza had been his go-to pizza of choice, but after today's competition he has switched to Peter's. This is clearly a significant statement as a resident of the region has been won over by the competitor.

Some observations concerning today's pizza off include the fact that visual appearance of a pizza does not necessarily determine it's quality, nor does it's topping or crust quantity. This statement of course is general in nature and one's personal preference may dictate otherwise.

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