Friday, November 27, 2009

Week 5: week of the "Threeza"

This week most of the blodder (blog fodder) comes from circumstances leading up to today's competition. There had been a lot of discussion of who would replace Greco (closed up operation) in the East St. John's bracket. Some agreed that Acropolis might be a good candidate since it appeared to be decent looking when Dale had brought a slice for lunch one day and because it was not part of the competition in the Mount Pearl district. Some concern was expressed that there should not be inner district matching in the first round of the bracket. Pizza Supreme was offered as an alternate choice. In the end it was decided that Pizza Supreme would indeed replace Greco, but Acropolis would be added to the competition this week for a three pizza shoot out, hence Threeza. One would think that this would be the end of the controversy...

After ordering pizzas from the three location, Acropolis, Dominoes, and Pizza Delight (actually two pizzas and garlic fingers plus a "crappy" Greek Panzoretti for Wally were ordered from PD) it was time to collect money. It was at this point that the unexpected happened. Heidi, who had confirmed her participation earlier in the week, had to bow out of the competition since Newfoundland Jesus had dropped his car into the garage and could not be home to care for their dog, thus it was necessary for Heidi to assume this role. This turn of events was not greeted with understanding. I attempt to coerce Heidi into participating in the bracket competition, but was unsuccessful in my convincing efforts. Upon hearing of Heidi's withdrawal from the bracket Chuck commented "I don't care if a dog shits on the floor". Other commentary ensued, and needless to say this commentary was not favorable on Heidi's character. This is where the unthinkable happened. Pappy, overhearing the dissing, promptly confronted Heidi and told her that people were talking about her and it wasn't nice. Heidi called Newfoundland Jesus to console her after hearing what had been said. Miraculously Newfoundland Jesus had his car back from the garage and he could take the role of dog sitter and Heidi could participate in the competition. Everyone was happy. So ends the pre face.

The actual pizza bracket event started with the Acropolis pizza arriving 15 minutes early and being jumbo in size rather than the large ordered. The others arrived within several minutes of each other at around noon. Everyone commenced in the large conference room since there were three pizzas and enough people to warrant the move. Judges for this week include: Heidi, Chuck, Howard, Josh, Stephen, Mutema, Sam, and myself. Also participating in this weeks judging was guest judge Sarah, who was greeted with a warm welcome after an hype filled introduction by myself. All three pizzas this week were non-blank box pizzas with Acropolis actually getting the most box design approval. There was some discussion of how the voting would be cast for a three pizza competition, but as it turns out the competition was narrowed down to the two original match ups with Acropolis getting no votes. In the end Pizza Delight narrowly edged out Dominoes in an exciting 5-4 result. Commentary regarding the outcome seemed to indicate that the sweeter sauce on the Pizza Delight pizza contributed to its victory. Both pizzas were close in terms of quality and taste, while Acropolis fell by the wayside, even having leftovers (probably due to the fact that it was a jumbo). I can say that the Dominoes was a little crispier and had a more predominant crust, whereas the Pizza Delight had a doughier feel and had a crust that tapered off, rather than rise up. In the end I think the sauce was the deciding factor. The garlic fingers were a success as well, but consumption was held of until votes were cast to prevent any influence of decision.


  1. I whole-heartedly believe that if you combined the sauce from Pizza Delight with the crust and toppings of Dominos, you would have the ultimate pizza champion of the universe.

    In the patent world, this combination would be considered "obvious."

  2. I don't give a s#!& about the pizza....SARAH was there? I'm so sad I missed that. Damn you, Lady Gaga.