Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 4: No Name Pizza vs. Boston Pizza

This week the intended competitors were Pizza Pros (picture right) and Boston Pizza (picture left). After calling Pizza Pros three times and letting it ring several times it was determined they were closed and thus eliminated from the bracket. One of the necessary criteria to be part of the pizza bracket is that a competitor has to be opened during the lunch hour. Obviously Pizza Pros are a supper/late night alternative. To fill their void we called upon No Name Pizza on Ropewalk Lane. This choice provided quite the competition. Judges this week included: Stephen, Sam, Josh, Howard, Chuck, Mutema, Mark, and myself. Wally also sampled the pizza, but did not contribute to the voting. All judges were in agreement that decision this week was a tough one. In the end Boston Pizza won 6-2 (6-3 if you count Wally's unofficial vote). It came down to sauce, crust, and bacon. Bacon was pretty much the topic of discussion during the judging process. Namely, the absurd amount of bacon on the Boston Pizza. It appeared to have a layer of cheese, topped with a generous layer of crumbled bacon, mushroom was also in the mix, topped with another layer of cheese, then topped off with brilliant green peppers. It was unanimous that the bacon flavor dominated the pizza. The appearance of the No name was a little lackluster in comparison, especially the bacon quantity. Chuck compared eating a slice of No Name to a lottery where you have about a 40% chance of getting bacon. The sauce on the No Name was quite good, but the crust required some strenuous effort to get through. Despite the short comings of the No Name, it was agreed that it was one of the better pizzas that had been part of the competition to date. Wally commented that it was "the best pizza I've ever had". Notable from a guy who typically doesn't like pizza, especially since he voted against his beloved Boston Pizza.

Today's event was overall a success. Pizzas arrived within a couple minutes of each other, the per person pizza consumption was off the charts as there is still leftover pizza, and the pizza competitors were both of good value. The only concern was the low quantity of Diet Pepsi, but that did not seem to have an effect of the outcome.

One thing that can be said about Boston Pizza is that you'll be hard pressed to find a pizza with more bacon.

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  1. I find it funny that Wally said No Name was "the best pizza I've ever had"...Mainly because I've had No Name but I've also eaten Pizzano's with him in Chicago (multiple nights in a row), and there is simply no comparison.