Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 3: Stoggers' vs. Old Town Pizzeria

Week three of the Pizza Bracket seen east end contenders Stoggers (picture left) and Old Town Pizzeria (picture right) pitted against each other. This week most of the organizing was handled by Howard and Sam as I was out with a cold Thursday and earlier this morning. But the Pizza Bracket must go on! Sam ordered the Stoggers pizza from the east end. Delivery charges to Mount Pearl was $10, an additional $5 compared to deliveries within the district. That seemed fair. Unfortunately the east end Old Town would not delivery to Mount Pearl since they had a location in Mount Pearl. I called the east end location to attain a verbal guarantee that the pizza received from the Mount Pearl location was the same as what would be provided by the east end. This was confirmed, but we will never truly know. Another oddity with the Mount Pearl location was that they would only deliver 11:45am or 12:15pm, not at noon. A little suspicious. In any case both pizzas arrived within a 10 minute window. Old Town was the first non-blank box pizza that's been part of the competition. Stoggers was blank box. Not saying that contributed to the decision, just sayin.

There seemed to be a lot of hype surrounding Stoggers. This hype had been carried over from the previous week as people looked forward to a quality match up since last weeks contenders were mediocre at best. Overall I don't think Stoggers lived up to the hype. Judges this week included: Sam, Mark, Howard, Chuck, Josh, Alfred, Mutema, Dale, and myself. The outcome was surprising. A 5-4 upset by Old Town Pizzeria. This vote did not go without controversy. Upon hearing the results of the vote and observing the quantity of toppings on the remaining slices of Stoggers Chuck requested to change his vote, thereby swinging the decision to Stoggers. This request did not go without opposition. There was much discussion of how allowing a vote change may compromise the integrity of the Pizza Bracket. But it was Mark who said that the purpose of the Pizza Bracket is to determine the best pizza, not to abide by the strict rules of the Bracket (something along those lines at least). I believe this to be a profound statement. Sometimes people get to involved in ensuring rules are followed without focus on what the purpose of the rules are. When the dust settled Chuck decided to retract his request to change his vote and the official winner this week was declared to be Old Town Pizzeria. One item to note is that the Old Town Pizza was completely gone at least 10 minutes before the last slice of Stoggers was eaten. One could argue that no one wanted to eat the last slice and be seen as the glutton.

The controversy observed during today's Pizza Bracket challenge is not typical of an ordinary pizza order. Most times the controversy lies in the topping selection. Since this is a controlled condition in the Pizza Bracket this was not the issue. The controversy seen here today displays the dedication, fairness, and pride the judges of the Pizza Bracket try to instill into the competition to find the best pizza in St. john's and surrounding areas.

A notable quote regarding Stoggers loss to Old town Pizzeria comes from Mutema who was heard to say, "It wasn't everything I hoped and dreamed it would be." I think this is the essence of why Stoggers lost. Sure it only lost by one vote, but if it had lived up to the hype and met the expectations it was held to then one vote would not have made the difference. The decision would have been unanimous.

p.s. Sam has already paid for next week. And we have plates for the pizza bracket now.


  1. Can I ask for pizza-identity clarification in the included photo? This goes for last week as well. Thanks :)

  2. This week, Stoggers is the one that looks like the delivery guy threw it us from the window of his car as he circled in the parking lot ....